About Us

Kim and Mel are busy parents and professionals who have created a food brand providing functional food products for both adults and children on the go who want to eat healthy, tasty and energised snacks. They are passionate about living a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Their journey started when they decided to explore and understand the benefits of food and how to optimize their life. Through help to eliminate certain health challenges and intolerances that was hindering them. Focusing on why their bodies were reacting to certain foods they were eating, in particular focusing on the direct link of sugar, carbs, protein and understanding the meaning of eating healthy food suitable to their understanding of a balanced diet. 


Kim and Mel's Journey
They felt disappointed in the supermarket aisles and health food stores availability of alternative  health snacks, quickly realised that the so called “health foods”, were filled with false claims and loaded with hidden sugars. Protein bars can vary greatly in composition and quality. The protein usually comes from whey protein isolate and the bars often contain a lot of sugar. People following a low-carb diet won't be able to use most protein bars for this reason. In addition, not everyone tolerates whey protein, for example, due to sensitivity to milk protein or sugars.

The KIMMEL team makes protein bars with grass-fed bovine collagen and MCT to sustain your energy and joint health. A protein bar which is clean, with simple ingredients, healthy, tasty, low in sugar, low in carbs and high in good fats.

Enjoy our easy-to-take daily snack bars that provides advanced support for overall health, wellbeing and beauty from within.


Kim & Mel